About our Company “GRUYÉRES”

Our company makes and sells sweets.

Our flagship store is located in Kasama City, Ibaraki.
Surrounded by mountains and rich with nature, Kasama enjoys a year-round harvest of aromatic fruits and other produce.

These seasonal crops, lovingly grown by local farmers, are the foundation for GRUYÉRES products.
Kasama is Japan’s top producer of chestnuts and we proudly use these, alongside locally-sourced eggs, strawberries, blueberries, and other ingredients, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.

Drawing from Kasama’s natural bounties, our belief is that “delicious ingredients make for delicious sweets.”

Because we value the well-being of our customers, we select only the healthiest ingredients and work passionately to make our products as delicious as possible.

We would be delighted for you to try GRUYÉRES

ChestnutsOur home is Kasama City, Japan’s top producer of chestnuts

EggsFreshly-laid eggs, received every morning

StrawberriesLocal, fresh, and sweet

BlueberriesLarge blueberries sourced from contract farmers


"GRUYÉRES" was opened in Kasama, Ibaraki.
Our flagship store was reopened after renovation.
"KURI Sweets Factory" opened, specializing in confections
using Kasama’s chestnuts.

Award history

  • Gold Award ochiboguri
  • Selected Item kasama Gruyeres kuri-gashi gift
  • Grand Prize Winner manatsu-no-kifujin
  • Minister of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Award kasama-no-kurihiroi
  • Secretary of Food Agency Award kantare
  • Grand Prize Winner strawberry farm
  • The Honorary President Award ibaraki mituguri
  • Gold Award kasama-no-sanpomichi
  • The Foreign Minister Award kuri-no-hana

“Sweets Made with Kasama Chestnuts”

Japanese chestnuts (waguri) are larger, stickier, and more succulent than other species. They are said to have a rich, elegant flavor, owing to their low astringency.

GRUYÉRES’ hometown of Kasama City, Ibaraki is Japan’s largest producer of waguri chestnuts. We think of the chestnuts raised and harvested here as “Kasama-brand” chestnuts and use them to craft our unique selection of sweets.

“Kasama city”

Kasama is a town with a long history and an abundance of nature. Famed as the birthplace of Kasama-yaki pottery and as a source for mikage-ishi granite, it is also recognized for the old shrines and ancient temples scattered throughout its scenery.
It charms visitors with its seasonal changes of nature, the tranquility of its historical sites, the burning of its kilns and the contents of its unique museums.
Additionally, as the birthplace of aikido, Kasama is home to the world’s only shrine dedicated to this popular martial art.

The Kasama Azalea Festival is held every spring.

The Kasama Inari Shrine is one of the three main Inari shrines in Japan.

Kasama is a major producer of granite, which is called Mikage Ishi in Japanese.

Kasama-yaki, or Kasama Pottery, is designated as a Traditional Japanese Craft by the national government.

Kasama is a city rich in nature.

The oldest chrysanthemum festival in Japan takes place in the city.

Introducing Our Sweets

Gokoku Roll(Five Grains Roll)五穀ろーる

Our roll cake is made with rice flour and pure sesame oil, eschewing wheat flour and butter. The creamy, red bean filling is made from crops cultivated with minimal agricultural chemicals. The result is a sweet treat that is lower in calories than other cakes.

  • Keep Refrigerated / Can be Frozen
  • Expiration:Within 2 days, stored at 10⁰C or less (after thawing)
  • Package Dimensions:36cm(L)×8.3cm(W)×7.5cm(H) / Half Size 19.7cm(L)×8.3cm(W)×7.5cm(H)

Ochiboguri(Fallen Chestnut Cookies)おちぼ栗

This cookie is made from chocolate and powdered chestnuts. It absolutely melts in the mouth!

  • Room Temperature
  • Expiration: Within 70 days, stored at
    25⁰C or less
  • Net weight:52.5g(7.5g×7pc) / 135g(7.5g×18pc)
  • Package Dimensions:7pc 9.8cm(L)
    ×12.0cm(W)×6.2cm(H) / 18pc 16㎝(L)

Kuri Truffle(Chestnut Truffle)栗トリュフ

A chestnut paste truffle coated in rich chocolate ganache.

  • Keep Refrigerated / Can be Frozen
  • Expiration: Within 10 days, stored at
    10⁰C or less (after thawing)

Ama Rusk(Red Sugar Rusk)亜麻ラスク

This rusk gets its sweetness from a high quality “red sugar” called ama. Ama sugar has been stripped of impurities, leaving only the mineral and sugarcane flavors.

  • Room Temperature
  • Expiration: Within 45 days, stored at
    28⁰C or less

Baumkuchen Pot笠間焼 壷バーム

A baumkuchen inspired by traditional Kasama pottery (Kasama-yaki). We bake it to perfection and finish with a generous chocolate sauce glaze.

  • Room Temperature
  • Expiration: Within 20 days, stored at
    25⁰C or less
  • Net weight:400g
  • Package Dimensions:21cm(L)×10.5cm(W)×10.5cm(H)

Kasama Marron Pie(Kasama Chestnut Pie)笠間まろんパイ

This puff pastry pie is filled with bits of seasonally-harvested chestnuts and a delicious chestnut cream. A few seconds in the microwave really brings out the chestnut flavor and makes the delicious cream center even smoother.

  • Room Temperature
  • Expiration : Within 60 days, stored at
    28⁰C or less
  • Net weight:225g(45g×5pc)
  • Package Dimensions:22.5cm(L)×27.5cm(W)×3.2cm(H)

Ibaraki Melon Pie茨城めろんパイ

This puff pastry pie is filled with almond cream, finely diced bits of melon jelly, and plenty of melon juice. Ibaraki Prefecture is the largest producer of melons in Japan and many delicious melons are grown here. Chilled in the refrigerator, warmed in the microwave, or enjoyed straight from the package, the genuine flavor of real Ibaraki melons is yours to experience.

  • Room Temperature
  • Expiration : Within 60 days, stored at
    28⁰C or less
  • Net weight:225g(45g×5pc)
  • Package Dimensions:22.5cm(L)×27.5cm(W)×3.2cm(H)

Kuri-no-Yama(Powdered Chestnut Cookies)栗の山

Made from powdered chestnuts, this light and crisp cookie has an exquisitely gentle flavor. The true taste of Kasama chestnuts is expertly preserved in every bite.

  • Room Temperature
  • Expiration : Within 60 days, stored at
    28⁰C or less
  • Net weight:225g(45g×5pc)
  • Package Dimensions:9.8cm(L)×12.0cm(W)×6.2cm(H)

We have a wide variety of other original sweets.

GRUYÉRES’ main shop

You can eat freshly-made cakes at our attached factory .

New Factory: “KURI Sweets Factory”New Factory: “KURI Sweets Factory”

In 2015, we opened our new factory: "KURI Sweets Factory" (KURI means chestnut). With this new dedicated environment and equipment, we are able to fulfill even more customer requests.

Information and Access


285, Shimoichige, Kasama, Ibaraki,JAPAN, 309-1626

By train

In front of Kasama Station
30 minutes from Mito Station

By car

9 minutes from the Tomobe IC
(Kita-Kanto Expressway)

By highway bus

105 minutes from Akihabara station

Highway bus
Kanto Yakimono Liner

From airports

  • From Ibaraki Airport
    36 km / 35 min (by car)
  • From Haneda Airport
    (Tokyo International Airport)
    128 km / 120 min (by car)
  • From Narita International Airport
    102 km / 80 min (by car)

Sightseeing spots near GRUYÉRES


Kairakuen is one of the three most outstanding gardens in Japan and is the second largest city park in the world after Central Park in New York.
In the early spring, you can find the 3000 plum blossoms of about 100 different types there.

From GRUYÉRES・・・23 km / 40 min (by car)

Hitachi Seaside Parkひたち海浜公園

Located in the area facing the Pacific Ocean in Hitachinaka City, Hitachi Seaside Park offers beautiful flowers in its well-kept, large gardens throughout the year.
Especially in spring, narcissuses, tulips and nemophila(baby blue eyes) attract lots of visitors.

From GRUYÉRES・・・42 km / 40 min (by car)